Saint Alban ANGLICAN Church
York, Pennsylvania
2019-2020 - Our Twenty-second Year (Instituted 13 September 1998)
The Rt. Rev'd Barry Eugene Yingling, CSSS, Th.D., Rector
The Rev'd Thomas H. Kiefer, Ph.D., Priest Associate
A Forward in Faith N.A. Associate Parish/The United Anglican Church
Anglican Communion Network Common Cause Partner/Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen
Saint Alban Church is a parish of the Diocese of the East of the United Anglican Church (UAC), staffed by clergy of the Congregation of the Companions of the Holy Saviour (CSSS). Our Rector is The Rt. Rev'd  Barry Eugene Yingling, CSSS, Th.D., and our Priest Associate is The Rev'd Thomas Kiefer, Ph.D.  We worship on a regular basis in the ground floor chapel of Trinity United Church of Christ, and are grateful for this sharing arrangement.
Our liturgical celebrations are unique to the UAC, or the entire Anglican community, for that matter. Our Masses are celebrated according to The English Missal, with Latin Tridentine Masses at other times. The English Missal, also known as The Knott Missal, is the traditional liturgy of British Anglo-Catholics. This missal is simply an Elizabethan English translation of the Missale Romanum of the 1920's. The last altar edition, published in the 1950's, has been reprinted by the Canterbury Press and marketed by the Church of England Publishing House ( . Note that the Anglican Missal in the American Edition (known simply as The Anglican Missal in the US) is an offspring of The English Missal, incorporating elements of the American Book of Common Prayer, including the readings and collects for the latter. The missal used for the Latin Tridentine Masses is that of 1926 (not 1962!). We are also in the process of developing The York Missal, which combines the best of The English Missal and the three-year lectionary.

On Sunday mornings at 8:15 am, Mattins is said using The English Office.

The personal prayers of the Celebrant and, occasionally on Sundays the Canon, are recited in Latin. We also celebrate the Latin Tridentine Mass periodically throughout the year. Check our schedule.

Our outreach ministry revolves around four core areas: liturgical worship, pastoral counseling/spiritual direction, adult Christian study programs, and theological education. Bishop Yingling provides counseling and direction to members and non-members alike. The adult study group meets every Thursday evening at 7:15 pm, and is conducted as a "read through" with stops along the way for comment and reflection. Thus, reading the text before each session is not necessary. Our theological education mission is fulfilled through our support of Laud Hall Theological Seminary (see the contact on "Related Links"). We also support those ordained clergy who are ministering in jurisdictions lacking true Apostolic succession.

We also publish The Word, a newsletter and more. For a free subscription please contact Bishop Yingling (e-mail connection below).

S. Alban Church subscribes to the Affirmation of St. Louis and is an associate parish member of Forward in Faith NA, a Common Cause Partner of the Anglican Communion Network, and a member of the Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen. We also subscribe to The Manhattan Declaration and support Anglicans for Life. We are listed in the Directory of Traditional Anglican and Episcopal Parishes.

All services and activities are held at Trinity United Church of Christ, 32 West Market Street in York, unless marked. The Mt. Wolf address is that of the Rectory and Hermitage. Parking for Trinity Church may be had in the garage behind the Drovers Bank on South George Street, although parking is to be found on George and Market Streets on Sundays. The lower floor chapel in Trinity Church is our home.

Our Regular Schedule:

    8:15 am - Mattins
    8:45 am - Sacrament of Reconciliation (at other times by appointment, and before each Mass on days
             of Obligation)
    9:00 am - Sung Mass and Sermon
    10:15 am - Parish Social and Christian Education
     6:00 pm - Mass
     7:00 pm - Study Group
          Study Topic (See "News and Resources" section of this site for an update.)
Holy Days: as announced

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Please join us! Visitors and inquirers are always welcome!

For further information:
     The Rt. Rev'd Barry Eugene Yingling, CSSS, Th.D.
     Saint Alban Rectory and Hermitage
     41 South Main Street
     PO Box 796
     Mount Wolf, PA 17347

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