The Congregation of the Companions of the Holy Saviour is a religious order founded in 1891 at The Church of the Evangelists (Episcopal) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Rev'd William McGarvey was the founder, who later left for the Roman Rite. In 1896 a house for members of the Order (S. Saviour's House) was established at S. Elizabeth Church. The initials, CSSS, are formed from the Latin name for the Order, Congregatio Sociorum Sancti Salvatoris. The charism of the Order is Salvatorian. More recent documents of the Order use the "Savior" spelling in the name, but the original is "Saviour".
Vowed members of the Order are called Companions, and must be priests, deacons, or candidates for Holy Orders  who commit to vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Associates, who may be men or women, commit to living a rule of life and to make Ember Day reports. Companions do not live in community. The head of the Order is referred to as the Father Master.
There are currently two Companions, The Rt. Rev'd Barry Yingling, and The Rev'd Justin Falciani.
On 11 April 2017 the Order was reconstituted within the United Anglican Church. Changes were made to the definition of "celibate" to permit "celibate/chaste" Companions, thus allowing for  the admission of married Companions. The other clarifiation made was to define Anglican as anyone in communion with the See of Canterbury, or who identify themselves as Anglican. No other changes were made to the Constitution. Father Falciani will be the contact with the Episcopal Church for purposes of continuing to be considered members of "Other Christian Communities."
On 13 June 2017, Bishop Yingling and Father Falciani took Life Vows.
The the 2018 Annual Chapter was held on 23 and 24 April 2018 at Christ Church, Somers Point, New Jersey. During that meeting, Bishop Yingling was elected to another term as the Father Master and the Philadelphia Conference was re-constituted with Father Falcini appointed as Warden. Chapter decided that this Conference could rename itself, as desired, but is to include those Associates who were previously members of the Philadelphia Conference. Deacon Brian Johnson has withdrawn his request to become a Companion and has resigned from the Order. A decision to revise the Consititution and Rules to revert to the former definition (pre-2017) of celibate was deferred.
For further information, contact Bishop Barry Yingling at
Background and History of the Order, along with the Constitution and Rules:
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Here can be downloaded an application to become an Associate (be sure to first read the material in the previous downloadable document):
CSSS Associates Application.pdf
For Companions and Associates, here is the Memorial Booklet:
CSSS Memorial Booklet.pdf
In your prayers for the sick or infirm, please pray for Ted+ and all Companions or Associates who are sick or incapacitated in mind, body or spirit.
Please also pray for the repose of the souls of Richard+ and Samuel.