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Episcopalnet: A site for traditionalist material, including the Ordo Kalendar from the Anglican Missal in the American Edition.
Anglicans On-Line: A large site with a variety of resources.
Project Canterbury: Anglican documents, many for download.
The Christian Faith; An Introduction to Dogmatic Theology: This text by Claude Beaufort Moss is available at Project Canterbury.
English Missal Propers: A site with .pdf files of the propers from The English Missal. Not all propers are available; this is apparently an on-going project.
The Anglican Breviary: an excellent background source for the premier Office of the Church.
The Roman Breviary: THE website for those of us who use the Roman Breviary in its fullest traditional form.
Virtue Online: Commentary on the news and events of the Anglican Communion.
Laud Hall  Theological Seminary: The choice for distance-learning theological education.
Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen: See the online directory for "safe" Anglican churches, as well as information about this worthy organization.